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    Welcome to MU Origin SEA Unofficial Forum (Please read)



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    Welcome to MU Origin SEA Unofficial Forum (Please read)

    Post by Admin on Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:33 am

    Please feel free to discuss anything about MU Origin SEA in this forum.

    I am not a GM in the game, i am just a normal player like most of you who feels that the chat system in game totally need much improvement.

    This forum is created to facilitate communication easier for all players.

    Please register an account to post your sales thread first, so the next buyer who comes in can contact you to buy what you are selling!
    And if you have anything to buy, please post what you want so the next seller who comes in can contact you to offer you what you are buying!

    This forum saves you time and makes trading more efficient than spamming in the world.
    After seeing this post, if you decided to leave without posting anything, the next buyer/seller will not see.
    Also share with your friends and post here instead of spamming in world and enjoy trading knowing that this forum is still buying/selling for you while you sleep!

    Pm me your feedback or post them in the 'Suggestion' forum so i know how to make here a better place for you.

    Thank you Very Happy

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